WARRANTY: two years from the date of sale (only for private customers).

Only after having examined in our service center and checked the manufacturing of products defectiveness may be confirmed guarantee thereof
For this, all products for complaint or repair should be sent to our headquarters at Rua Quinta do Bom Retiro, nº 9 E/F, 2820-690 Charneca da Caparica.

Once approved, the Entredoor shall, unless exceptional cases, send to the client the products guarantee the medium term of 10 days and no later than 15 working days from the date of receipt. Shipping costs are paid by the customer.

For products that have not been verified guarantee assignment conditions, a properly supporting technical report will be made of not granting the same Then there will be place at a rate of compensation based on the price list in force, which may be preceded by a budget

When sending us a grievance product under warranty, must necessarily be accompanied by a report of the respective fault, otherwise it runs the risk of being parked on our premises awaiting this information.
Will be considered out of warranty the following products:
1- What have defects that are clearly a failure in the installation or handling.

2 has undergone action of external agents – weathering, strain on the engines or mechanisms, defective use by the end customer, etc …

3- What displaying clear signs of water infiltration, rust, short circuits or burns .

4- That exceeded two year warranty 5- What clearly demonstrate that the relevant technical data of the products have been exceeded (eg. Too large doors)

The measures and weights advised in the manuals of automatic (ex. “Door sectional 10m2”) must be observed, but also take into account that are indicative values, because they depend on various factors such as the proper functioning of the equipment in which will be applied (eg. doors, gates, shutters, etc …)

The goods travel at the customers risk If the customer does not indicate the transport to be used, orders will be sent by the usual carriers Entredoor. Disagreements over the Conference of the orders sent to customers, will only be accepted up to 8 days of receipt thereof.