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  • Rolling Security Grilles and Selected Doors

    Rolling Security Grilles and Selected Doors


    These models are guaranteed and the result of a project in which its main purpose is to offer a product in which the safety and beauty of its advanced design provide the customer with a high degree of satisfaction.
    Despite the good visibility that these models offer the products displayed, their system, similar to other models on the market, allows for an above average operation and safety.
    Type of material: galvanized sheet steel, mirrored stainless steel (AISI 304) Term lacquering finish.
    Grade malha microperfurada


    It is a kind of grid that in addition to its security, also produces a great visual effect. This type of grid is recommended for all kinds of commerce.
    Through this you can see all the articles exposed even the smaller size, this due to its transparency.
    It is made of galvanized steel sheet microperforated or mirrored stainless steel (AISI 304).
    This model was considered by police as the most resistant to burglars.
    Finish thermo-lacquering.


    This type of grid is very hard and tough.
    It is made of galvanized sheet steel or mirrored stainless steel (AISI 304) with 105 x 0.8 mm and 125 x 0.8 mm profiles. Due to this type of structure the security levels are quite high.
    This model is completely opaque, allowing no visibility and therefore ideal for jewelry stores and garages.
    Thermo-lacquering or galvanized finish.


    This type of fabric is very strong and quite rigid, which makes its oscillation is close to zero.
    It is made of electro galvanized steel tube formed by corrugated elements connected together by 2 mm thick galvanized steel clamps.
    This beautiful model's visual effect fits virtually all commercial branches.
    Protective treatment with electro galvanizing and term lacquering finish


    Motorization with springs and actuation by remote control or button. Also possible to actuate through the phone.

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