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  • Hermetic Doors

    Hermetic Doors

    The operating room is the critical area and nerve center of a modern hospital, where the risk of bacteriological contamination implies each time following precise protocols by all the staff assigned to these areas.
    The range of Tane Hermetic doors takes into account the technical requirements of each area, particularly in what concerns the requested tightness (or not), the anti X-ray protection, ease of cleaning and disinfecting materials and attachments used in the construction of doors, etc...
    Portas para blocos operatórios e salas limpas
    Entredoor considers each project as a unique and individual case. The care and support we can offer you from the beginning of the project until the completion of the installation is complete and this availability makes all the difference.

    Not only we apply the doors.
    We want to give you solutions.

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