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    ISO 9001 certified

    Entredoor informs all customers and suppliers that it completed the certification process in ISO 9001: 2008 regarding management and NP 4492 regarding requirements for maintenance service last week. This was another step in the continuous search to improve the services we provide to our customers.

    The term ISO 9001 designates a group of technical standards that establish a quality management model for organizations in general, whatever their type or dimension.
    ISO is a non-governmental organization founded in 1947, in Geneva, and today present in about 189 countries. Its function is to promote the standardization of products and services, so that their quality is permanently improved.

    The name "International Organization for Standardization" allows different acronyms in different languages ​​(IOS in English, OIN in French, OIP in Portuguese) and, therefore, its founders decided to use the abbreviation ISO, which means "equal". Whatever the country or language, the abbreviation is always ISO, which comes from the Greek "isos" which means equal, equality, since the system provides that products have the same production process for all parts.
    This family of standards establishes requirements that assist in the improvement of internal processes, greater training of employees, monitoring of the work environment, verification of the satisfaction of customers, employees and suppliers, in a continuous process of improving the quality management system.

    They apply to fields as diverse as materials, products, processes and services.
    The adoption of ISO standards is advantageous for organizations since it gives them greater organization, productivity and credibility - elements easily identifiable by customers -, increasing their competitiveness in national and international markets. Organizational processes need to be verified through independent external audits.

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