Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

Entredoor knows how important is to keep your entry always up and running. For this reason our technicians receive periodic training and the service vans have in stock most of the parts needed to carry out the repair on the first visit. If this is the case, a previous budget is made for approval. In this way we can keep prices lower because we just make a move and the response time is reduced to a minimum.


"Technical assistance does not have to be expensive. You just have to be professional."

Maintenance Contracts

In addition to timely assistance, Entredoor also offers 3 types of maintenance contracts to avoid and prevent possible damages due to a lack of periodic maintenance. Consult us to jointly find the most suitable solution.

Contact us to find out the best plan for you

A) Exclusions: damages caused by vandalism and / or over voltage in the electricity network
B) Discount for material not included in the contract.
C) Except weekends and holidays
D) Displacement Mileage (€ / km), radius greater than 35 Km 0,50 €

Payment must be annual at the beginning of the contract.